Saturday, April 27, 2013

Today I'm starting this blog back up to log my training. Only for 5K's. My days of Master the Met are over for now. The headaches and the pain were too much for another 4th place. I ran at Forest Park today in a rainy 5K and came in at 21:47. I tried pacing myself to run a more balanced race and as usual I ended up around no one.I caught a guy around the 2nd mile and beat him by 30+ seconds as we had a split around 14:03. So starting out slow and pushing it in the 3rd mile isn't going to work because there won't be anyone around to pace myself with. Instead, I'll need to start with the leaders and somehow hang for the 3rd mile in a sub 7 minute pace. My training has been weak so there's plenty of room for progress. If I can get myself down to low 19's I can win most of these races. It's physically possible, but not with the training that I'm doing now. Jogging 1-3 miles most days isn't going to cut it. I need speedwork and training that hurts as bad if not worse than the races. The weather starts to warm up this week and my schedule is freeing up towards the end of the school year so this should be an opportunity. Tomorrow I'll aim for 4 miles to get a stronger base. I need to run outside more often while still finding time to lift weights.