Saturday, March 7, 2009


I got 4th place overall. I'm pretty happy with it. I ran a 6:20 so I dropped 28 seconds from last year. Sadly, I somehow lost my iPod on the way up. I new it came unplugged but I didn't know it came out of my holder on my hip until I got home.

This was easily the most pain I have ever put my body through in any athletic event. Worse than any high school cross-country or track race. I tried to puke afterward but nothing was coming up. My head hurt, I could barely sit up, it was worse than being super drunk at the end of the night when it's all about to fall apart. Add that feeling with the sensation of drowning and that's about where I was.

Going into the race I knew I wasn't going to win...someone had already post a 4:42. 2nd place was 5:05 but 3rd was only 9 seconds ahead of me at 6:11. Since the top 3 overall don't count toward their age group results I "won" the men's division age 30-39. I'll get a small award for that.

I'm coughing pretty bad so I don't know about running that 5K tomorrow. I have 2 more shows to perform in tonight. For now I'm just going to let myself recover.

Full results here...

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